The most commonly coined term for foot fungus, Athlete’s foot, is a typical infection that affects the toes and soles of the feet. There are various symptoms that indicate you have this type of infection which include burning, itching, scaly feet, and redness. Foot fungus can be mild or very severe and may be difficult to treat for some.

How Did You Get This?

Fungus thrives in moist, warm places making it easy to contract it if you come into contact. If you retain your sweaty socks and shoes for a long period of time you are harboring the perfect environment for this infection to grow. When you go to the locker room and even in the showers with bare feet that have tiny scrapes and cuts you risk exposure. Those who have used the floor before you may have the infection.

What Does It Look Like?

This type of infection is typically identified more by feel than sight first. When your skin gets itching and the soles and toes of your feet have a burning sensation that does want to let up it’s a great indicator that you are infected. As the infection progresses over time you will start to see physical evidence of its existence. Scaling, painful blisters, and cracking of the skin at the feet will verify that you have athlete’s foot.

How Do You Treat This Type Of Fungal Infection?

There are oral and topical cures that need to be used to get rid of your foot fungus like ZetaClear. These are usually available over the counter, allowing you to avoid a costly doctor’s visit. Even though you use these treatments, you still need to make sure you are consistently cleansing and drying off your infected area. This will help to promote faster healing of the skin and nail.You can also try ZetaClear. Zetaclear toenail fungus treatment reviews have been extremely well and you should try it to treat fungal infection. Find more information about Zetaclear here:

If you have tried over the counter solutions with no success you may need to seek the help of your local doctor. To avoid the problems associated with athlete’s foot you should practice clean hygiene, avoid going barefoot in public places, and change your socks as well as shoes regularly.

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